Advanced Posts Grid

The premium version of the plugin supports advanced grid functions like lightbox support, pagination and lazy load via a load more button.

Advanced Features for PRO Version

  • 6 different styles to present your blog posts or any custom post type and 7 different styles for the header.
  • Advanced AJAX based category or custom taxonomy filters. The filter list is super responsive – changes from horizontal to dropdown list as the device width is reduced.
  • AJAX pagination support with ability to seamlessly handle large number of pages.
  • Load more and Next Prev navigation available as other modes for AJAX based posts navigation.
  • Built-in cache for performance of filtering, pagination, load more.
  • Help users navigate the entire collection of blog posts or custom post types and their categories without reloading the page.
  • customization options – decide on what you want user to see.

Posts Grid with Pagination - Pro!

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By livemesh January 6, 2016
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By livemesh January 6, 2016
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River Boat Ride

By livemesh January 6, 2016
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By livemesh January 28, 2016
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Masonry Blog with Pagination - Pro!

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Blog with Load More - Pro!

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