About Us

Livemesh Themes is a design agency based in Bangalore specializing in development of WordPress plugins and themes. It was founded by developer designer duo Raghavendra and Sathya in 2012 and quickly grown to acquire more than 13,100 customers over a period of 5 years it has been in existence. Our WordPress plugins are popular enough to see nearly a thousand downloads a day on wordpress.org.

Raghavendra holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from one of the top universities in India and has over 20 years of software design/development experience in Bangalore, India and Silicon Valley, CA and Kansas City, KS. During his stint in corporate America and India, he has had the opportunity to work on a large variety of development platforms - Smalltalk VisualWorks, Java/J2EE, iOS Objective C, Microsoft C# .NET among others.

He worked as software architect and senior designer/developer in Fortune 500 companies like GE, Dell and Sprint Nextel for 15 years and then quit his job of 8 years in GE Healthcare in 2012 to start his own business creating WordPress themes and plugins.

Sathya holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communications. He has been the chief designer responsible for tremendous success of our themes.

Prior to founding Livemesh Themes with Raghavendra, he worked for several years as a consultant and corporate trainer for leading information technology firms in Bangalore, specializing in Software Design Patterns, Object Oriented Design and C# .NET.

Veena holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communications  and has been with us for past 5 years as software developer/engineer working on our WordPress plugins and themes. She is usually the one resolving technical issues and support queries raised by our customers. She hails from a small town in Kerala in India renowned for its natural beauty and exotic flora/fauna.