Change Log for PRO version

Last Updated - December 20, 2023


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.5.12


  • Added - Escaping a few attributes of certain widgets based on the security audit by patchstack.
  • Fixed - Multiple text domains found.


  • Added - Customize option for addons with SiteOrigin CSS plugin.
  • Added - Compatibility with 7.1 version of WPBakery Page Builder.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.12 update.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.10 update.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.8 update.


  • Updated - Slick Slider to help stay compatible with popular themes.
  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.5.3


  • Added - The odometer support for decimal values


  • Updated - Frontend minified JS


  • Added - Three new premium widgets Posts Slider, Posts Multislider and Posts Gridbox Slider


  • Added - Compatibility with WP 6.1
  • Added - Missing sanitization checks for theme color admin settings


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.4
  • Updated - Compatibility with WP 6.0.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.3 security update


  • Added - Compatibility with WP 5.9.


  • Fixed - The Posts Grid taxonomy filter does not limit itself to the categories chosen in the Posts Query


  • Fixed - Deprecated warnings raised on PHP 8.
  • Added - Compatibility with PHP 8.


  • Fixed - The Posts Grid and Posts Block modules display post excerpts with shortcodes when pagination or load more is invoked.
  • Added - Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.2 with license activation enhancements, beta programs and other features and bug fixes.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.2 with license activation enhancements, beta programs and other features and bug fixes.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.4.2 with license activation enhancements, beta programs and other features and bug fixes.


  • Fixed - JS error livemeshWaypoint is not a function
  • Updated - Freemius SDK update with License White-Label Update, Auto-Updates UI Integration, Opt-In / Out Enhancements, User Change, and more!


  • Updated - Move to new domain
  • Updated - Compatibility with WP 5.5


  • Added - Options to turn off/on title and taxonomy terms displayed on posts carousel thumbnail
  • Added - Open in new window option for post links in posts carousel
  • Added - Ability to add read more link for the posts carousel


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.3.2 with Opt-In / Out Enhancements, User Change, and More.


  • Updated - Freemius SDK 2.3.1 with white label mode, URL whitelisting and other features and bug fixes.


  • Fixed - The taxonomy chosen dropdown displaying superfluous taxonomies in the dropdown for Posts Grid/Posts Block.
  • Fixed - Cannot display taxonomy terms for the post in block styles 7,8 and 9 of Posts Block.


  • Fixed - Some sites reporting error - call to undefined function get_blog_list().
  • Updated - Freemius to 2.3.0.


  • Added - Security improvements to Posts Grid and Gallery modules.


  • Added - Thumbnails support for the lightbox module of Posts Grid, Posts Block, Image/Video Gallery and Gallery Carousel.
  • Fixed - Cannot edit the slides of testimonial slider.
  • Fixed - Some icons missing in the backend editor.
  • Updated - Fancybox scripts to 3.5.7 release.


  • Updated - Freemius library with a security fix. Recommended to update immediately.
  • Fixed - Some themes can raise JS error due to jQuery $ being unavailable.


  • Fixed - The Posts Carousel was being rendered early on the page ignoring the order of widgets specified in the builder.


  • Added - Major release of the plugin with extensive support for filters to enable users to customize the output generated by the addons.
  • Updated - Documentation providing information on how to use filters to customize the plugin addons.
  • Fixed - Gallery pagination would break when number of items crosses 140.
  • Added - Pagination with dotted navigation for galleries when number of pages exceeds 5.
  • Added - Responsive pagination controls for gallery.
  • Added - Read More link/button options for posts blocks.
  • Added - Block style 8 in Posts Block now much more responsive.


  • Fixed - The fancybox lightbox would not display share, thumbnail, slideshow options for image/video gallery, posts grid and posts blocks.


  • Fixed - Incompatibility with certain themes due to different versions of waypoints scripts being used.
  • Fixed - Leaving tags empty in the gallery lead to addition of an empty filter in the filter list


  • Important Note - Moved to Freemius store from Easy Digital Downloads for easy license management, easy license upgrades, seamless updates, faster performance, faster feedback collection and support, auto-generated invoices, full GDPR compliance among many other benefits.
  • Added – Auto migration of license from Easy Digital Downloads to Freemius when the update is installed on the site. In rare instance of license activation window being shown, pls activate with the license key issued with your earlier purchase.
  • Added - Moved to a single codebase for the free as well as premium version.


  • Added – New simpler grid system for all elements that use grid.
  • Added – Seamless control of number of columns at all device resolutions for all those elements that involve grid – posts/portfolio grid, posts block, image/video gallery, clients, services, testimonials, team, charts, pricing table, faq etc.
  • Added - Option to preserve shortcodes and HTML tags in excerpt. Option is disabled by default.


  • Fixed – Pagination and Load More for gallery would break when special characters are present in title or description.
  • Fixed - The Load More in gallery would not stop loading in certain situations.
  • Fixed - Duplicate tags filters generated in gallery when tags have spaces around them.


  • Added - Support for multiple url formats for YouTube and Vimeo videos in video gallery
  • Added - Support for inline responsive videos of YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted MP4/WebM video formats
  • Added - If no custom thumbnail is set, the thumbnails for YouTube/Vimeo videos automatically set from the service provider
  • Fixed - Next/Prev navigation for gallery not working
  • Added – Ability to display description for the image/video element in the gallery and gallery carousel lightbox window.
  • Added – The lightbox for posts grid and posts block now displays post summary and a link to the post in the lightbox.
  • Added – Option to disable display of post summary/excerpt in the lightbox window of posts block or posts grid.
  • Added – Fancybox lightbox integration for grid, posts block, image gallery, video gallery and gallery carousel modules.
  • Added – Advanced features like touch/swipe controls, pinch out/in, double tap, keyboard navigation, full screen, thumbnails, social media sharing, hardware accelerated animations, direct linking now supported with lightbox.
  • Added - Support for creating stunning masonry gallery layouts using flexible widths and heights for images.
  • Added - Ability to specify wide width for images in masonry layout of gallery.
  • Added - Options to enable/disable display of image/video titles and image/video tags in gallery and gallery carousel addons.
  • Added – HTML5 video support in video gallery and video carousel modules. Support for MP4 and WebM formats.
  • Fixed - Livemesh Grid excerpt would not display shortcodes or HTML content
  • Fixed - Livemesh Gallery styling controls not taking effect for thumbnail hover and titles
  • Updated - Waypoints script with new API for handling events on scroll
  • Fixed - Some themes can break animations and report script errors for elements like piecharts, odometers, progress bars etc.


  • Improved – License activation page with less confusing interface.
  • Added - The license code entered is now masked upon activation.


  • Fixed – Livemesh Grid columns can break in certain resolutions in FireFox.


  • Added - Option to have all accordion panels expanded during initial page load.
  • Updated - Refactored the tab and accordion related JS functions.


  • Upgrade – Simpler grid system based on NEAT 2.1 version
  • Updated - The CSS is now optimized for vendor prefixes with reduced properties and file size.
  • Added - Scroll to the top of the posts block to display new posts during paged navigation (when new posts are not visible).


  • Added – Image size option for all major addons including grid, gallery and carousels.
  • Added - The lightbox now opens on clicking anywhere on the image if no destination URL is specified for gallery item
  • Added - The link target option for all major addons like grid, gallery and carousels
  • Fixed – The gallery image was not clickable to the link specified
  • Fixed – The gallery filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
  • Fixed – The gallery filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.
  • Fixed – The gallery pagination and load more loading icon overlapping the pagination and load more buttons.


  • Added – Moved the Livemesh Grid addon to new framework based on reusable blocks. Pls note that the class names have changed to keep it consistent with the new framework.
  • Added – 6 different styles for grid items plus 7 header styles too
  • Added – Next Prev pagination options for Livemesh Grid addon
  • Added – Ability to handle large number of grid pages by providing dotted navigation
  • Added – AJAX Category or taxonomy filtering for Grid addon. No more empty grid on category/taxonomy filtering
  • Added – Read More option for the grid items
  • Added – Open in new window option for links to posts in the grid
  • Added – Two more header styles to posts blocks
  • Fixed – The grid image was not clickable to the post
  • Fixed – The filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
  • Fixed – The grid filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.


  • Added - Brand new Post Blocks addon with more than a dozen styles and options to present your posts or custom post types
  • Added - AJAX Pagination, Next Prev and Load More options for Post Blocks addon
  • Added - AJAX Category or taxonomy filtering for Post Blocks addon


  • Added - Advanced tab and accordion functions that help directly link to Tabs and Accordion panels from external pages. On page load, the corresponding tab/panel opens upon auto-scrolling to the tab or accordion panel.
  • Added - Smooth scroll to tabs and accordion panels from internal links within a page.
  • Added - Open Tab or accordion panels clicking the internal links within a page.
  • Added - Ability to specify new window for URL pointed to by image gallery items


  • Added - Automatic plugin updates and license key activation
  • Fixed - In a few installations, the grid elements may not occupy full width between 769px to 800px device resolutions
  • Fixed - The instagram icon not showing up for team profiles addon
  • Fixed - The posts carousel dots navigation was not clickable
  • Fixed - The posts carousel would not expand beyond 960px in width


  • Added - Detailed documentation for all addon elements
  • Added - New addons including Gallery, Gallery Carousel, Image Slider, Custom Content Slider, Countdown, Features and FAQ.
  • Added - AJAX based Pagination and Load More options to Grid and Gallery addons.
  • Added - New styles and ability to specify custom icon color and icon size for services extensions.
  • Added - Plugin options panel for enabling or disabling addons along with other options.
  • Added - Ability to enter Custom CSS in plugin options
  • Added - Default theme color option for addons
  • Added - Support for lightweight Portfolio Post Type plugin. Jetpack custom post types module no longer recommended.
  • Fixed - The grid heading was not being displayed
  • Updated - Sample data file based on new addons added
  • Updated - Some styling improvements and fixes


  • Added - Left, right and center alignment option to the heading element
  • Added - Styling for services when font icons are chosen instead of image icons
  • Fixed - The testimonials slider content not aligned to the center
  • Fixed - The tab title width was fixed with no wrapping
  • Updated - The isotope and imagesloaded JS libraries.


  • Fixed - Check for page id when displaying posts/pages in a grid to avoid infinite loop
  • Fixed - Tabs not processing shortcode content
  • Fixed - Accordion/Toggle element not processing shortcode content


  • Fixed PHP warnings raised in certain themes that customize VC.
  • Performed compatibility checks with a number of premium themes; fixed any issues found.
  • Compatibility fixes along with some minor styling tweaks for tabs, accordion, carousel and portfolio/post grid elements.


  • New elements - Responsive Tabs and Accordion of variety of styles
  • Fixed a bug that caused many elements to become uneditable in VC editor
  • New services element style
  • Ability to choose entry meta contents for carousel and grid
  • Ability to set a link to the clients website in clients element
  • Email icon restored for team profiles element
  • Fixed some bugs, incompatibilities and design improvements


  • Initial release.