Video Gallery - Pro!

Showcase a collection of YouTube, Vimeo or self hosted MP4/WebM videos using the video gallery addon element. Quite handy for video tutorial sites, video bloggers, or any studio with substantial amount of video content.

Video Gallery Features

  • The video opens up in a popup window when the play on the placeholder image is clicked.
  • This addon is part of the Premium version of the plugin and provides advanced features like pagination and lazy load through a load more button.
  • It can be used to create a gallery of self hosted videos in MP4/WebM format or with videos uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo - useful for video bloggers, video tutorial sites, video marketers, small businesses or websites with a major presence on YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Advanced features like touch/swipe controls, pinch out/in, double tap, keyboard navigation, full screen, thumbnails, social media sharing, hardware accelerated animations, direct linking now supported with lightbox.

Video Gallery - Inline Videos

Video Gallery - Packed

Video Gallery with Pagination

Video Gallery with Load More